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Theoretical modeling of materials has gained much interest thanks to the increase of the speed of both computers and codes these last 20 years. Simultaneously, the accuracy achieved by state of the art experiments in surface science and advanced materials justify combining experiments with theoretical approaches.

At the origin of SoSMod, chemists concerned with these new interdisciplinary approaches decided to organize an adapted summer school in theoretical study of materials. SoSMod is designed to show that quantum chemical calculations can be used to model the physical properties of solids and surfaces and to predict the experimental structures, the spectroscopic properties and the reactivity of materials. With lecturers and participants from various fields, we hope to foster the development of dual experimental-theoretical approaches in material science.

With the SoSMod Summer School, we offer you to discover the quantum modeling of materials through an original learning approach, largely based on practicing quantum modeling of materials by yourself. You will develop your understanding and your experience with guidance of experts in quantum modeling and dual experimental-modeling approaches.




Sharing our will to disseminate concepts and challenges in material modeling among the widest research community, the sponsors helped us to propose a summer school in a friendly venue with very attractive registration fees.

SoSMod is an event promoted by the French CECAM node "Grand Sud-Ouest".




We wish to thank all our financial, logistical and administrative supports.

We warmly acknowledge Dr. Maddalena D'Amore (University of Torino, Italy) for her help and assistance during the tutorials sessions.

Finally, we would like to thank in particular our colleagues from the ICGM (Isabelle Girard, Kim Pla) and from the computer service of the ENSCM (Guillaume Piters).
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